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so much of whats going on is left to imagination, but audio, traditionally, makes up for. Sicario: Whats the numbers of the halcones? Zeta: 1211 Sicario: Whats This is whats gonna happen to all the people who keep supporting the dirty (Los Zetas). The video was filmed in CD Victoria in Tamaulipas, Mexico. This is from Comandante Rey De Reyes. Here come the dirty people (and the sicarios start laughing again). Stand him up, stand him. Inaudible, sicario: And the other people? The Zeta in this video had his tongue cut off before he was beheaded with a folding saw (its folding all right, but its one of the mega ones, much bigger than any of the folding saws Ive seen before).

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playo first time coupon

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Zeta: We give information to the zetas. As we have come to expect, it wouldnt be the Mexican drug cartel sicarios if the brutality of the executions was not at an absolute high. Zeta: Forgive me for being part of the dirt. Long live El Diablo Culeros. Instead of the typically Mexican Narcocorrido music, this video begins with a fusion of French Chanson and Opera in the audio track (sorry, Im not an expert on classical/French music scene so I couldnt tell you what the title of the track was and/or who. Sicario: Tell me where are the taxis that work as halcones for the zetas? Zeta: Yes, sicario: And your friend? Zeta: Candado, sicario: Where are they? Forgive me for being part of the dirt Sicario: For all of the people and sting like the dirt, go fuck yourself. Sicario: Say sorry to Comandante Diablo and El Rey De Reyes (the king of kings aka El Chapo Guzman) Zeta: Im sorry Comandante Diablo and Senor Rey De Reyes. Comandante is gonna kill you all putos.