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implementation of this rule and was denied benefits is entitled to restored benefits back to the date of application or April 1, 1987, whichever occurred later, if the household is otherwise entitled. The performance-based funding provisions for Employment and Training programs shall be effective October 1, 1989. Lifestyle, andie Mitchell, the simple breakfast change that helped this man lose 160 pounds. This procedure shall be in effect until implementation of amendments to 273.10(e 1 ii). (ii) State agencies shall have submitted management evaluation (ME) review schedules within 90 days of publication of these regulations as required by 275.20 of this chapter. The State agency shall disclose only such information as is necessary to comply with a specific written request of a law enforcement agency authorized by this paragraph. The State agency shall designate the month the purchase requirement is to be eliminated. (v) State agencies must implement all remaining amendments no later than June 1, 2001, for all households newly applying for Program benefits. The provisions regarding certification periods must be implemented at time of application or at recertification no later than July 1, 1983. Participating households shall be requested to provide or apply for social security numbers (SSN) for appropriate household members at recertification, or at the time of office contact for any other reason. Building a strong classroom community is key for creating a safe, productive learning environment.

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Paragraph (p) of 272.8 concerning points and hours shall be implemented following the time standards contained therein. Students are responsible for coming up with a theme, creating the decorations, and assigning jobs to one another. (iii) State agencies may submit attachments to their Plans of Operation pertaining to the intercept of unemployment compensation benefits to repay intentional Program violations claims as specified in 272.2 (a) and (d) and 272.12(a) of this amendment as of February 22, 1990. This lesson will give some tips and activities you can use to build a strong community in your classroom. However, for households subject to the reporting requirements at 273.12(a 1 i C) (1) or (2) of this chapter, the State agency has until January 1, 2004 to convert households to 6 month certification periods. States opting to implement early would not be required to operate for this month under an approved sampling plan. The correction to 273.7(n 1 v) outlined in amendment 269 is effective retroactively to October 3, 1984. 401 are implemented as follows: (i) The following amendments were to be implemented October 1, 2002: 7 CFR 273.4(a 6 ii H), 7 CFR 273.8(b and 7 CFR 273.9(d 1). These procedures shall be implemented on or before March 1, 1979, and shall continue for 6 months. The program change in 273.2(l ) of Amendment 275 shall be effective October 1, 1986.

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